Daily Archives: February 20, 2013

One more Chrome OS memory update, zRam now works!

I have just found out that in the month since I last tried to activate zRam (virtual memory) on my Samsung ARM Chromebook, it’s now been enabled for this platform. My last post on memory management was made before I discovered this. To turn it on, do this:

  • Ctrl-Alt-T to open a crosh terminal window
  • Type swap enable
  • Restart
    • I’ll probably leave the “don’t discard” flag set for a while, but it’s really likely to be moot with the virtual memory working. Woohoo!

Chrome OS memory management…

I’ve been running my Chromebook with the “don’t discard tabs” flag (chrome://flags) enabled for over a week, and I am much happier. I have the memory monitor enabled (also in chrome://flags), and it lets me decide when I need to close some tabs or restart to free up memory, rather than having Chrome decide for me when to discard tabs, and tossing ones I don’t want to toss. I highly recommend both enabling the memory monitor and turning on “don’t discard tabs” for anyone with an ARM Samsung Chromebook…

I’ve not experienced any “he’s dead Jim” tab crashes, so the stability has been good (but I do restart when memory drops below 100MB free usually). Just saw that the beta channel is updated to 25.0.1364.87 today, so we’ll see if things continue their improvement…