Daily Archives: February 16, 2013

Trying to get smarter about HTML5 and CSS

It’s been a cold, wet day here, with big snowflakes and 33 degrees. Not much accumulation of snow, but what little there is will freeze up hard tonight. Basically not a great day to go outside so I’ve been reading up a bit on HTML5 and CSS. My thoughts are that I’d like to try some Drupal theming. So, I’ve been doing a bit of reading. I’ve been doing HTML for a long time. It was 1993 when I wrote my first HTML pages. However, while I did a lot of early web apps, including Java and Javascript, my HTML skills didn’t progress much beyond 1990’s techniques. I’ve never been strong in design, anyway, and better in coding. However, in order to work on Drupal themes, I needed to get up to date on HTML and CSS. I found what so far seems to be a pretty decent book, HTML5 for Masterminds. I’ve gotten thru a couple of chapters, and it’s making a lot of sense so far. Will continue to read more tomorrow.