More on the Acer C710 Chromebook

I’ve had my Acer c710-2833 Chromebook (I wrote about my initial thoughts earlier) for a couple weeks now…one week on vacation, and now one week of using it at work. I am quite pleased with it, and have a hard time believing that it was such a deal! I’ve used the VGA-out for presentations, experimented with the HDMI-out (works fine!), done a number of Hangouts with my colleagues, and generally used it extensively. I spent all day today working from home, sitting on the front porch using the Acer 710. It ran like a champ. Multiple tabs, Citrix session to the office, Google talk phone calls, Hangouts, etc. I find that the Intel-based Acer does a much better job of memory management than the ARM-based Samsung; there are some memory leaks in the ARM-target code. I like the glossy screen, they keyboard has a good feel, and it’s generally a great platform. I’ve even been pleased with the battery life, though it is less than the Samsung ARM Chromebook.

At the same time, Jan is enjoying the Samsung Chromebook, which I’ve passed to her. She’s quite a bit less demanding on it, and it’s serving her very well. As my readers know, I’m quite high on ChromeOS, and I’d recommend that anyone looking at an entry-level Chromebook look at the Acer C710-2833.

2 thoughts on “More on the Acer C710 Chromebook

  1. Mike


    I have had my Acer Chromebook for over six months now. It is my constant companion whenever I travel. And the thought that if ever something happens to it like theft or damage, I can go immediately to the nearest Best Buy, slap down $200, and in a few minutes be up and running again.


    Highly recommended for road warriors and those that maintain their own and client’s websites.


  2. david hart

    Found your site asking google if cr710 would work with my bluetooth speaker.So at least I have found out from your site that they had trouble with enabling blutooth. I have this little Phillips bluetooth speaker and maybe I will return it and try to find a different option.Thanks


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