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Doings of the clan (mostly Joel & Jan) can be found below:

  • The Dunn 1996 expedition was to the desert Southwest ( Grand Canyon,Zion, Mesa Verde etc.)
  • 1997 trip was the maritime provinces of Canada!
  • In 1998, we returned to the southwest, to the BSA Philmont Training Center for a week and then a circuit of Utah and Colorado (Arches NP, Timpanogas NM, Dinosaur NM, Rocky Mountain NP).
  • For the 2000 vacation circuit, we spent a week in the Florida Keys in the spring and then three weeks in California in the summer.
  • So…where’s the exciting 2001 trip? Well, we sent our oldest son, Jason, to Philmont Scout Ranch and the BSA National Jamboree. So, the rest of the family chilled for a couple of weeks at Emerald Isle, NC (this picture was taken in 2000, and actually has both kids in it…)
  • The 2002 vacation was to Yellowstone, the Tetons, the Black Hills, etc…a great time.
  • For 2003, we sent Jason to the BSA Northern Tier Canoe Base
  • For 2004, we sent our youngest son, Jeff, to Philmont Scout Ranch, but Jan and I got a week alone at the beach!
  • For 2005 Jeff went to the BSA National Jamboree, and we sent Jason to college…need I say more 😉 ?
  • In 2006, Jeff and I went to the BSA Northern Tier Canoe Base
  • In 2007 Jeff went back to Philmont Scout Ranch. Jan and I got away for a short trip to Washington, VA. Stayed at the Heritage House B&B, hiked, visited wineries, and had dinner at the Inn at Little Washington
  • In 2009, two weeks at Emerald Isle, NC. Also, Jan and I had a fun weekend in November, flying to Buffalo, NY to see the Rippingtons in concert and a quick trip to Niagra Falls
  • In 2010, two weeks at Emerald Isle, NC.
  • In 2011, Jan and I took a long weekend at Sharp Rock Vineyards and then Emerald Isle for two weeks.
  • 2012 was a great year as Jan and I went to England & Scotland, then back to Sharp Rock, and finished with two weeks at Emerald Isle.
  • 2013 was great, as I retired at the end of the year. We spent New Years in London, with a side trip to Paris. Also bought a new boat  😀
  • 2014 saw lots of beach time, our annual trip to Sharp Rock, a week in Edisto SC and the Low Country Jazz Festival, a trip to Palm Springs/Indio, with a visit to Temecula for wine and jazz, and more
  • 2015 saw beach time, a new truck!, a trip to NYC for the Daily Show, a rim-to-rim hike across the Grand Canyon in May, Sharp Rock in June, and a trip to Tuscany and Switzerland.
  • 2016 was a Caribbean cruise (Dave Koz Jazz cruise), Sharp Rock, and beach time, but the biggie was the birth of our granddaughter, Sierra! Also, a trip to Temecula again for wine and jazz
  • 2017 was a cruise out of Venice (Dave Koz), our annual trip to Sharp Rock, a circuit hike around Mt. Blanc, a trip to Palm Springs, with a visit to Temecula again for wine and jazz (oh, yea, a new electric car, a Chevy Bolt!)
    • Also, we moved full time to the beach!
  • 2018 was a quick trip to Scotland 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 for a Seal concert,  a Baltic cruise (Dave Koz Cruise) and a cruise on the Danube from Nuremberg to Budapest (Inaugural Rick Braun River Cruise)
  • 2019 is another Rick Braun River Cruise, on the Rhine from Basel to Amsterdam
  • 2020? Already have the Rick Braun River Cruise booked, from Lyon to Arles on the Rhone

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  1. Fred Stevens

    Caught 2 read breasts and a green on nightcrawlers with my granddaughter today above the rapids in the 300 block of Bayberry Drive. Let me know if there’s any monitoring going on. Small catfish, too. Lived here almost 20 years and never put a line in until this afternoon.


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