Decisions, decisions…Chrome OS Beta Channel or Stable Channel?

I’ve been generally happy with keeping my Chromebook on the Chrome OS Beta channel to get slightly faster updates. There’s finally a bug in the beta (Version 26.0.1410.28 beta) that’s “bugging” me 😉 tho, since it’s now broken Hangouts. This beta was released on 3/7, and the beta releases have been about a week or so apart (other than during the calendar year-end period). Hopefully, this will get fixed by the end of the week. Going from stable to beta will cause an immediate update, but going from beta to stable requires a USB restore (or waiting until the stable build catches the beta, which might take 2-3 weeks or more). I think I’ll just live with it for a few days. Hopefully I won’t see too many of these bugs that break something that I use. If so, I might drop back to stable.

One thought on “Decisions, decisions…Chrome OS Beta Channel or Stable Channel?

  1. joel Post author

    I didn’t have to wait long…as of tonight, Google has released Version 26.0.1410.30 beta on the Beta channel, and the hangout feature is fixed again…


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