Nice day at Jordan Lake…

Got up and about about 7:30 this morning, fixed breakfast, read the New & Observer, then loaded up the boat and the dogs to go to Jordan Lake for a few hours. Got to Fearrington Point about 10AM. Tried the first set of ramps (nice little beach there for loading/unloading dogs). However, there was so much sand on those ramps I went to the second set (the 4-ramp complex). Dropped the boat in the water, and motored about 3 miles to our favorite lake beach (it’s the one on the south side of the point). Threw frisbees & foxtails to the dogs, read the NY Times, floated on rafts, and were generally lazy until early afternoon. Back now (doh!) and the boat is drying out…looks like thunderstorms well out to the west, coming out of the foothills. Need to close up the boat before going out to dinner tonight.

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