Daily Archives: July 19, 2008

Picasa Web photo galleries

A while back, probably sometime in late 2006 or early 2007, I uploaded pictures to Picasa from my July 2006 canoe trip into Quetico Provincial Park with my scout troop. It just sat, and I’d not done anything with it. However, earlier this summer, a colleague sent me a Picasa album link from a conference he was attending, and he had used the map tagging features that Google has added. This got me to thinking that I ought to, before my memory completely passes on that trip, try to tag locations on the map for this set of pictures. That’s what I’ve done in this Picasa album. I’d done a fairly detailed writeup of this trip back in 2006, but it was fun to try to tag exact picture locations. I’m close with a lot of them, but some are a bit of a WAG ;-). It’s an interesting feature. Now, hmmm…seems like that thinking about my last blog post on MobileMe, and the galleries, that an iPhone could get GPS info and automatically tag a picture in a map overlay…heck, maybe this feature is already there! I dunno…no iPhone for this boy for a while…about 6 months left on my Alltel contract with my current phone 😉 and while $200 for a termination fee isn’t a lot, it irks me to pay that, so I won’t!


I’m sitting here this evening happily listening to the rain; it’s been dry here in Central NC and rain is good! I’ve been playing a bit with Apple’s MobileMe. I was a dotMac subscriber, but didn’t use it much except for file storage, and synching contacts & calendars between my home and work Macs. I like MobileMe, and am using more and more of it. It’s a more focused tool, with mail, contacts, calendar, photo gallery (more on this in a bit), and files (iDisk). One thing I like is the ability to allocate the 20GB of storage between files and email; if you don’t have much in your @mac.com or @me.com mail account (like me, as I don’t really use it), you can shunt more of the storage over to files. I’ve also started connecting my iPod Touch to MobileMe for its contacts & calendar; works very well with the 2.0 software. I’ve put a couple of photo collections in the gallery tool, and it’s a very nice way to present pictures; very flexible end user experience. Here are two examples, Bassclave 2005 and Bassclave 2007. I also have some miscellaneous flyfishing pictures in another gallery, and I’ve now found an app feature that really gives me a Jones for an iPhone…you can take a picture and immediately load it to a nicely formatted gallery on the web (via email upload). With my iPod Touch, I can upload pictures in the same way over email, but only pictures that are already on the device, obviously, as it doesn’t have a camera ;-). The updated Facebook App for the iPhone/iPod Touch (v1.1) also allows uploading of pictures, and that’s cool, but that’s outside of the focus of this post.