Monthly Archives: August 2008

Cool iPhone/iPod Touch app…

There are so many great apps out there in the iPhone/iPod ecosystem right now. The variety is amazing; this is the sort of thing that the mobile device platform has needed — an easy, inexpensive, foolproof way to extend your device. I’d like to single out DataCase from Veiosoft for kudos. A really innovative app, a way of using the device as a wireless memory key…take a look…and if you have an iPhone/iPod Touch, it will be $6.99 well spent.

Bassclave 2008

Spent the weekend of August 1-3 in the vicinity of Ronceverte, WV at the Greenbrier River Campground at Bassclave 2008. Actually arrived about 11:45PM on July 31, having left Chapel Hill after dinner that day. Funny thing with my GPS; I’d entered the Lat/Lon coordinates from the campground’s website, but either I “fatfingered” them, or there was some other error, as my GPS left me about 2 miles from the campground in the middle of nowhere. However, I found my way there, and Drew Nix, clave organizer extraordinary, was there waiting up for me.

Floated the river on Friday and Saturday. On Friday, we did the Pence Springs to Talcott run, and on Saturday went from the campground downstream about 3.5 miles. The fishing was fun, but could have been a bit more productive. Caught some nice bass, but the fellowship is the best thing about the ‘clave. The pictures tell the story better than I can….