OK, I got a little cash for my recent birthday, and I decided to get an automotive GPS system…I looked around, talked to some folks, and ended up buying a TomTom GO 730. It came today; I’ve not driven anywhere with it yet, but I think I’ve figured out the operation, I’ve got it synced to my Mac, and I’ve got it paired with my work Blackberry and my personal Motorola phone, and have tried calling with each phone (yeah, I really wish I had an iPhone, but that’s still off in the future…or Android?). I really like the way the applications work on the TomTom; it seems quite easy and intuitive. I’ll try it out driving around tomorrow — it claims to know where I am, and has acquired appropriate satellites. More tomorrow!

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  1. Joel

    Update on the TomTom…really works well. The base GPS features work very well. I like the way it can get back on track if you veer off a route, even turn the unit off (like to go to the grocery store, as we did today) and then it picks back up when you leave (I was running a test route home). One feature on the 730 that works very well that’s not a “core” feature is bluetooth to phones…I have paired it with both my phones. The phone operation is very easy and the sound quality is excellent. Looking forward to using this on my commute, for sure!


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