Another great day of vacation…

It’s been a great week…nice weather, relaxing. No agenda to go and do. Yes, I’ve read email every day, even work email, and written a few notes each evening, but really that’s not intrusive. There are times when I completely unplug…for example on backpacking trips…but this time, it’s not a problem.

Today was a picture-perfect beach day…temps in the 80’s, water temps in the low 80’s too, hardly a cloud in the sky. We actually went to see a movie today during the early afternoon, and then out on the beach. Gentle southerly wind, nice waves coming right directly onshore. Good seafood for dinner. Nice bottle of wine on the deck after dinner. As I type this, it’s clear, with a cool ocean breeze, very comfortable.

Tomorrow, we’ll take the boat and go back to Bear Inlet. Showing my sister how to get her boat from her house over there.

Not much else to say, just another day in paradise 😉

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