Fall kingfish

In the fall, before the water temperature drops below the upper 60’s, the king mackerel show up in numbers in the near-shore waters off the southern banks of NC. I’d not been able to fish as much as I wanted this fall, due to conflicting cycles of travel and weather. When the weather was good, I was working or traveling, and when I had time the weather was less salubrious. I did manage to boat a few kings this season, notably managing to squeeze in a <4 hour trip between conference calls today (11/6). It was a dead calm day, with fog all day, which is highly unusual. Slick seas, but 1/2 mile visibility. Landed two, an 8 pounder (26″ FL) and a 17 pounder (37″ FL). The bigger fish gave me several great runs as I brought him in. Now, as we’re looking at a cold snap, rain and wind for the next week, I can be happy I caught some!

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