Clearwater reduex 

I’ve written here several times about trout fishing at Clearwater Lake, and today was the second trip this season for Sam and I to head out. It’s always great fun and camaraderie, even when the fish don’t cooperate. We each landed a few, missed a few more, and dodged our own flys on the back cast as the wind was howling most of the day. It was warm, tho, actually unseasonably hot, near 80F. I started casting a Chili Pepper, finally found a willing trout. Though these are all annually stocked trout, it’s anything but “shooting fish in a barrel” as these guys can be hard to hook…

Joel’s first fish of the day

I tried for the “Clearwater trifecta” of a trout, largemouth bass, and a bream. I caught the largemouth but never landed the bream. Sam worked hard and finally connected using size 20 midges under a a CDC.

Sam connects!

Thanks to TU and the YMCA for making it possible for me to catch trout 15 minutes from my driveway.

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