Camp Clearwater trout

It’s December, and that means it’s time for the cold weather trout fishery to start up in central NC. Trout can’t summer over here in the piedmont, and the closest naturally reproducing trout are a couple hours drive toward the mountains. However, the local Trout Unlimited chapter partners with some local folks here to stock a spring-fed pond with trout during cooler weather. Fishing runs from November through April. Sam and I usually sign up for a couple of trips, and today was our first day of the season. We’ll go again in March. Last year, it was cold and wet on the first weekend of December, with an inch of snow. This year started with frost but warmed to shirt-sleeve weather by the end of the day. Fishing was slower than usual, but we did catch some nice fish. Here’s Sam…


I LDR’d some but eventually got this really nice one to the net…


It’s fun to be able to catch a trout within a 15 minute drive of home!

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