Monthly Archives: January 2009

Our recursively-linked web2.0 world…

I’m spending a bit of time trying to parse out how all the various common social networking services interconnect as I try to be a better “social webber” 😉 . Let’s see…Facebook gets updates from Friendfeed…I have Flickr connected to Facebook and Friendfeed? Hmmm…OK, Picasa is also connected to Friendfeed. Now, let’s bring in Youtube. I’ve got my Twitter updates going to Facebook (as well as my “home” page; IM status changes through Friendfeed. I have an RSS feed from this blog going to Friendfeed. Gee, looks like I’m updating myself. I have not been as good about publishing stuff as I could be. I try to make sure that the things I do and say follow the rules of decorum (I’ve had a personal website for over 15 years now, and believe I’ve figured out the right amount of information to “leak out” about myself) and have a reasonable degree of content, adding some measure of worth to the ether. I try to keep my social presence and professional presence reasonably separate. Not easy, tho!

While I’m “over the hill” in web years, I’ve tried to stay abreast of the technologies both from how various sites are rendered to at least a basic understanding of the plumbing underneath them (though I haven’t done serious coding in much too long). My message is that this stuff weaves a tangled web that is challenging to follow even for someone like myself who has spent a career in complex technical systems. It’s incredibly powerful, but at the same time non-trivial to understand.

Now, let’s see…what connections do I want to have to my LinkedIn profile 😉 ?

Joining the Blackberry world

Well, I wanted a personal smartphone. My family cell carrier is Alltel, now Verizon, but still under the Alltel rate structure for a while longer (better than Verizon, I think). I bought Jason a Blackberry for Christmas and he really liked it. I’ve wanted an iPhone for some time, but the paucity of AT&T coverage in this area and the way it’s challenging to change cell providers conspired to keep me away from AT&T. So, no iPhone for me. I got a Blackberry 8330, the same as I’d gotten Jason. I’ve had it just a few days now, but I’m liking it better than I was afraid I would. I have a Blackberry 8830 for my work, but that’s the University’s phone, and you can’t make personal calls, etc. so I needed to keep my own phone. I was thus familiar with the Blackberry, but I like the 8330 much better…the 4.5 OS seems less flaky than the 4.2 OS on the older 8830, I like the camera (2MP with zoom & flash), and the Blackberry ecosystem has clients now for Twitter, Facebook, AIM, Gtalk, Gmail, etc. so things are good! A cheap SanDisk 4GB microSD card (<$10, including shipping) enables video. I'm a happy crackberry guy ;-).

Beach in the winter

The long holiday weekend is an opportunity to get out of town. Jan and I brought the dogs, as the kids are back at school. Got here about 2:30 yesterday, and had time to walk the dogs on the beach before dark & dinner. It was brisk, but bright and sunny. Saw these birds milling over some baitfish. It’s darker and gray today. A few spits of rain. A quiet and peaceful day for the Sunday paper. Wish my NY Times Sunday Edition was here and not at home ;-). We did walk to get the N&O, tho. Went back out on the beach just before noon for another walk; it’s supposed to rain this afternoon. The wind is up and the sea choppy. Saw this flight of pelicans headed west into the wind. Threw a few dozen balls to my younger Lab, Lessa, with the Chuckit. Gee, I wish I’d invented that! Time to go read a book now. Email will becon later. Dinner should be steamed oysters again, at Jordan’s. They were good last night!

My 15 seconds of fame…

Tech pundit Mark Gibbs was stumped with a mailware issue. He wrote about this in his blog on Dec. 17th 2008. He had a problem on one of his boxes that would not yield to the tools he’d tried. Back in early 2008, I’d discovered a tool that worked well for me (see this post from 2/24/2008). I passed along a suggestion that worked for him; you can read his post here, referencing both the problem and the success!

3 cheers for iChat screen sharing…

Just fielded a call from my Dad…his Macbook had locked up. Well, since it had probably been months since it was last rebooted, that’s OK. However, it seemed like a good opportunity to make sure that all his software updates had been processed. I started a screen-sharing session thru iChat, and patched MS Office. Waiting now for the 10.5.6 update to download; we’ll restart the screen sharing and I’ll show him where the “restart” button is, and we’ll be up to date. Sure does make support easier than it would be otherwise!