Beach in the winter

The long holiday weekend is an opportunity to get out of town. Jan and I brought the dogs, as the kids are back at school. Got here about 2:30 yesterday, and had time to walk the dogs on the beach before dark & dinner. It was brisk, but bright and sunny. Saw these birds milling over some baitfish. It’s darker and gray today. A few spits of rain. A quiet and peaceful day for the Sunday paper. Wish my NY Times Sunday Edition was here and not at home ;-). We did walk to get the N&O, tho. Went back out on the beach just before noon for another walk; it’s supposed to rain this afternoon. The wind is up and the sea choppy. Saw this flight of pelicans headed west into the wind. Threw a few dozen balls to my younger Lab, Lessa, with the Chuckit. Gee, I wish I’d invented that! Time to go read a book now. Email will becon later. Dinner should be steamed oysters again, at Jordan’s. They were good last night!

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