Slowing down for the holidays…

I’m off work now until Jan. 2nd (yep, that will be a one day week, but I need to cover for my colleagues in the office that day). The last couple of weeks have been very hectic, and I’m looking forward to sleeping late, reading, catching up on odd jobs (digital & physical), and a bit of general sloth. Today is a gray, cloudy day, and that’s a good way to say, hey, slow down, stay inside, listen to some tunes (, Wallflowers right now…), have some tea…you get the general idea.

Went running with the dogs this morning before it started raining, glad I did that. Did some weights afterwards; have to try to ward off the holiday goodies. Will head out to do a bit of Christmas shopping in a few minutes. (Pandora just queued up Cold Play) Need to take inventory of what we’ve bought and what we still need to procure. I can just feel the stress oozing out and mellowness seeping in 😉

Happy Holidays all!

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