Bluetooth now enabled on Acer C7 Chromebook

The Acer C7 Chromebook is a really nice, simple computing device and I’m enjoying it quite a bit. One thing that was a bit aggravating was that it didn’t support Bluetooth, whereas other Chromebooks like the Samsung ARM did support it. It was rumored to be a software issue, and sure enough, with the latest beta (30.0.1599.30) Bluetooth is enabled! I’ve successfully paired it with a mouse and a speaker and it works quite well. However, this update seems to have broken the Citrix Receiver app. Oh well, easy come, easy go 😉

Now looking forward to the next update and a fix for the Citrix Receiver!

6 thoughts on “Bluetooth now enabled on Acer C7 Chromebook

  1. Natalie Frantz

    What wireless Bluetooth mouse are you using that works? Looking online but don’t want to buy one if it’s not guaranteed to work.

  2. paula jayne

    I have an acer C710 chromebook,have just updated it today 23may but still no bluetooth for me.dont no alot bout this stuff but basically just want to file transfer (music,photos etc).iam on the stable channel but thats all i know.can anyone help! Should i expect an update that will allow me to use bluetooth or is there somthing ive missd or need to do to enable it.

    1. joel Post author

      Paula, you need to turn on Bluetooth in the settings. However, it doesn’t do file xfer AFAIK, just allows peripherals like mice, trackpads, speakers and headsets to work…


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