Somewhat frustrated with

I’ve used for my hosting provider for several years, and they’ve been (to my notion) pretty reliable and have offered me reasonable service at a good price. I’m a bit irritated, though, at the apparent lack of transparency with an outage from the evening of 3/1 to the morning of 3/2. It just happened to coincide with some work I was doing on Friday, moving a wiki from one directory to another and changing the directory that served a particular domain name. I first figured that it was either a DNS propagation issue or the result of hacking after a couple glasses of wine, so I went to bed 😉 . However, the problem persisted this morning, and I started looking into it. Seemed that a number of folks were reporting issues, but the page and their twitter feed were reporting happiness. was showing a problem, though. Come on, guys…give us some quasi-useful status information, at least. The good news is that it’s all back and running normally now.

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