Winter trout

The local chapter of TU does winter stocking of a pond about 8 miles from my house.  Trout don’t summer over here in the NC piedmont as the water gets too warm (but it was none too warm today!)  My friend Sam and I bought a couple of slots this year (it’s open weekends between November and March) and today was one.  It was cold overnight (in the 20’s) so Sam and I got there about 9:30, and enjoyed spurts of action throughout the day.  Not a lot of trout, but we caught several, and very nice size on some of them.  Did well on dropper flies below streamers, fished slow.  I caught all mine on a Prince nymph below a green/brown bugger. Nice day, good company as well as fish. Also nice for us central NC boys to catch trout 15 minutes from home ;-).  Pictures including a couple of videos here. When I uploaded, the pix ended up in reverse chronological order, sorry! The fish that broke off under the dock (one of the videos) was one we really wanted to see – watch the bend in Sam’s 6wt – but no luck on that.

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