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There are many great app updates coming out right now for devices in the iOS ecosystem. I think that the app developers are out of the stage of “O my gosh, I better get something out there” to a regime where they are working their punch lists and feature request lists. I’m happily using a number of these on my iPad. Apple put in features to their office suite (Pages, Numbers, Keynote) that dramatically improve usability. You can now copy files to and from iDisk and WebDAV servers. This, and the ability to import and export as pages, PDF and doc formats makes these tools even more useful. I am able to now use my iPad and edit files from UNCG file servers, or do a quick view through apps like Goodreader (which can also manage WebDAV storage). Goodreader itself has a great update, now allowing annotation of PDF files, stored as PDF. Penultimate, an app I use extensively for note taking, as several improvements in areas such as note management and VGA out (useful for virtual whiteboarding). The Mobile Me gallery app now supports the iPad. Maybe we are getting out of the “fart app” stage and really focusing on usability! Looking forward to iOS 4.2 in November!

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