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I’m going to create a blog posting today using the Dragon dictation program for the iPad. I’m really taking a look at two different technologies here. One obviously I’m looking at the Dragon program on the iPad. I downloaded this a while ago but I actually have not had a chance to do much productive with it. I’ve tried a few trivial examples but nothing substantial. The other thing that I’m looking at is the Google priority inbox. I spent a while earlier this week looking at Google priority inbox and trying to see if it makes sense for me to use it. Our office uses Google apps for education and that gives me a great platform with a broad set of e-mail to use. Priority inbox actually does seem to make a lot of sense. Priority inbox doesn’t replace the inbox in just, just adding an additional inbox view, and it was actually one of the things I was wondering about initially. I was concerned that it was going to change and replace the inbox view. One of the things that makes priority inbox more useful it is to set up several filters so that important messages , such as e-mail from your boss or others that you wish to respond to in a timely fashion is tagged as important. 

I have tried to go back and do some editing using Dragon. It’s actually not that hard to do. However, I’m switching back and forth between keyboard mode and dictation mode as I try to change precisely what I want to affect. 

Dragon actually seems to do a better job of taking dictation that I do of generating the words that it’s trying to interpret. I think that it’s very significant learning curve for the user. 

Overall I’m very pleased with the program and for the price, free, it’s hard to beat. 

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  1. Joel

    As I look at this posting, it’s obvious that I didn’t fully edit, nor were my words nearly as precise as typing on a keyboard, physical or virtual. However, I think that Dragon does have a place on my iPad and frankly, I’m amazed at the accuracy.


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