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I’ve been loading several apps on my iPad over the past few days as I work on getting things set to support my use of the iPad. I’ve found that many of the apps from the iPod/iPhone world are not needed due to the improved browser capabilities of the iPad. Facebook is a good example, though they could create a cool app that would beat the browser interface.

Of the free apps, the ABC app is cool, but I don’t use it. I really like the NPR app and I do use that one, as well as the Reuters News app. Accuweather is another nice one.

I splurged and bought the iWork apps, and I like them quite a lot. I think that Keynote and Pages will be the ones I use primarily. They are slick and full-featured. VGA output on Keynote is very cool, with good quality 1024×768 output thru the dongle. One of the apps with the best value for the money is Goodreader. This app allows access to WebDAV servers, etc, and makes it simple for me to read and write to iDisk, for example. Also, it has the ability to access zip files (open or create) which is very handy.

Continuing this random list of things I’ve found is Topomaps, which is (for a boy scout like me) a highly cool app. Download any USA topo sheet, and once downloaded you don’t have to have a connection to view the map. Uses the GPS to allow you to locate yourself. Can store waypoints. Doesn’t integrate with the compass yet, but I emailed the developer (who responded in 15 minutes!) and he’s planning to add that feature in a future release.

I’ll post more app thoughts as I have them!

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  1. Joel

    I’m still making up my mind about Atomic Web Browser…there a number of things I like, such as tabbed browsing and the ability to set the user agent via GUI but it seems buggy. Still, for $1 it’s not a bad addition.


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