iPad, day three

I got my own iPad on Friday the 30th, so I’ve had it three days now. While I had the opportunity to use Jan’s some over the last month, it’s not the same as having your own. I can safely say that I’m just as pleased as I thought I’d be, and my expectations were high. I’ve synched my old iPod touch apps, but many of the old apps aren’t going to get much use. They are ok, but there is a big difference in an app designed for the iPad. I have bought the iWork apps and they are very elegant and amazingly functional. I’ve loaded my music library, a few movies/TV shows, some podcasts, etc. It’s wonderful for email, outstanding for web browsing, and a pleasure to hold and use. Battery life is phenomenal.

There are a few things in the browser that are awkward or don’t work, but very few. When you consider that this is the first release of the iPad, it’s incredible how well it hits it’s design goals. Version 4.0 of the OS, due in the fall, will be exciting.

My office laptop will stay docked, and I’ll be carrying the iPad. Viva la difference!

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