Enjoying some nice weather for Thanksgiving!

I’m in Winterville, NC, visiting my folks for the Thanksgiving holiday…got in Wednesday evening, and had steamed oysters at Wimpies. Got in early enough to go to the rifle range and shoot a bit. My neighbor has arranged a place to go deer hunting, and I hope to get out there later this weekend. I fired a few shots with my .30-.30 to make sure I could hit what I was shooting at. I can still roll a tin can at 50 yards, shooting offhand ;-). My dad is also going to let me borrow a .30-40 Krag he has (with a scope, better for low light conditions). Who knows, I may get a deer.

We’ll probably go to the range again this afternoon to shoot. It’s supposed to rain today and turn much colder, so we’ll try to get out before then. It’s very warm right now, upper 70’s and sunny, but quite windy. I doubt we try to shoot any clay pigeons, as the wind would really put some “junk” on them…

Hope all y’all that celebrate Thanksgiving have a chance to visit family this weekend.

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