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So, I’m sort of a latecomer to actually setting up and using blogs & wikis. I’ve done web stuff for a dozen years, literally…it was in November of 1993 when I said to myself, you know, this Web stuff is pretty cool, and might replace Gopher (anyone out there remember Gopher?). I downloaded and set up a simple web server on my department’s first unix server.

So much for history! I’ve been a fan of collaboration software and virtual communities for years, but somehow (probably too busy) had never sat down and set up a wiki or a blog. Well, in the last month, I’ve remedied both of those. You are reading the results of my blog experiments, and I’m using wikis quite a bit with my NCNI colleagues. I plan to post things here periodically as I explore how to use this stuff to better do my job.

Stay tuned…

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