Daily Archives: September 15, 2005

Blogs & Wikis

So, I’m sort of a latecomer to actually setting up and using blogs & wikis. I’ve done web stuff for a dozen years, literally…it was in November of 1993 when I said to myself, you know, this Web stuff is pretty cool, and might replace Gopher (anyone out there remember Gopher?). I downloaded and set up a simple web server on my department’s first unix server.

So much for history! I’ve been a fan of collaboration software and virtual communities for years, but somehow (probably too busy) had never sat down and set up a wiki or a blog. Well, in the last month, I’ve remedied both of those. You are reading the results of my blog experiments, and I’m using wikis quite a bit with my NCNI colleagues. I plan to post things here periodically as I explore how to use this stuff to better do my job.

Stay tuned…

Troop 449

I’ve been involved in boy scouting since I was a scout as a kid. I was an eagle scout, helped as an assistant scoutmaster before I had kids, and then when my kids were ready for scouting, moved back into scouting full bore. I was a cubmaster for 5 years, and then became a scoutmaster (4 years now) and am currently the scoutmaster of Troop 449, in Chapel Hill, NC.

So what the heck do I do at UNC?

Well, we’ve finally finished our reorg of the ITS department at UNC, and my title is Director of Networking Collaborations for Information Technology Services. So what does that mean? In this role, I work directly to foster collaborative projects with other campus schools and departments, and with local and national networking partners. Examples of external collaborations are involvement with NCNI and NCREN at the local and statewide level, and with Internet2 and National Lambda Rail at the national level.

Additionally, I’m still the Executive Director of the North Carolina Networking Initiative (NCNI). That site is really in need of maintenance, and that’s one thing that I’m working on now…

My flyfishing page

My flyfishing page hasn’t had much maintenance in a long time. Seems like I don’t have a chance to update it often, but hey, with starting this blog, maybe I’ll put my trip reports here and this can subsume much of the point of my old site. However, for whatever it’s worth, here’s the link.