I’ve been using Nudgemail since it came out in November. If you are not familiar with it, you should take a look. I use it for both work and personal email, and was prompted to write this as I sat down this morning to respond to several ticklers I’d set on my work email, and to set up new ones. I manage my much of my immediate “todo” queue through email (putting longer term things in Google Tasks) and while I don’t try to get to “inbox zero” I do strive to keep a manageable number of conversations in my Gmail inbox(s), under 100, and I find Nudgemail invaluable in being my “memory” to do followups. I will commonly put a “bcc” to Nudgemail on a message I send which will prompt me to take action or follow up at a future point. I’ve noticed now that Nudgemail has added recurring reminders, and I’m now beginning to use those. This is one of those services that you need to try to really appreciate, but when you do, you’ll have one of those “aha” moments, and you’ll most like jump to make it a part of your email strategy. Try it!

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