20-minute fishing trip

Aha, I say…just nice puffy cumulus clouds as we returned from Jan’s family reunion. I think I’ll go visit the Morgan Creek sunfish again, and stay a bit longer. Biked the 3/4 mile to the creek, and walked down to the best pool on this stretch of the creek. Rigged up, same as yesterday, with a Syl’s Nymph on the end of my 00-wt flyrod. Though sweat was rolling down and ‘skeeters humming, the water felt cool on my sandaled feed. Eased up to the pool, keeping my feet on the gravel bar, and cast. Quickly caught a tiny sunny, but even a small fish bends this rod. Caught a slightly bigger one and eased up a bit further. A couple of small bass were cruising!

Uh oh…what’s that? Thunder? Clouds moving this way? Better head to the house before the storm. I’ll be back, though, to visit the sunfish and bass in Morgan Creek…

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