iPod Touch/iPhone 2.0 software & Remote app…

I have an iPod Touch, so I don’t get all the benefits of the new software, but there is some cool stuff enabled by the update. The app store seems to be really taking off with the apps multiplying like proverbial rabbits. Like many folks, I think that the Remote app is just such a great concept. For those who’ve been under a rock, this free app (from Apple) lets you control the iTunes library on a machine reachable with the wifi connection. As I’ve written in this space before, I’ve got a Mac Mini as a media center computer in my den, hooked up to a set of Bose Companion 5 speakers. Really works well for controlling that. It’s easy to switch to another library on another computer, such as the one on my iMac. Just a really great concept; kudos, Apple!

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