Cell phone karmic convergence

So, back on Feb. 21, I lost my cell phone at scouts.  I was pretty hacked with myself, but hey, I’ve flushed a pager, so what’s dropping a phone in the woods.  I went to the cell phone store, bought a new one, and went on about my business.  So, today, Mar. 27, we were cleaning out the scout hut and sorting gear.  Apparently I did not drop it in the woods, it was in the hut, and was actually still powered on (albeit very low battery).  What makes this really funny is that today, my younger son forgot to take his phone out of his pants pocket before mom threw them into the washer.  Killed that phone, and I was heading to the store to buy him a new one tomorrow.  So, manna from heaven.  I will get this one reprogrammed for him, as it’s a nicer phone anyway.


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