Technology meets the smoke detector

We needed a new smoke detector. I was tired of having to unplug the current one every time we fried fish 😉 so I thought I’d shop around some and see what features are there. I also wanted to see how these “connected” detectors worked so that you could get an alert if not home. Kidde has an interesting device that listens for the sound of standard detectors and then can communicate with you remotely. I then looked at the Nest Protect (2nd generation, and now $30 cheaper than before they had to disable the “Nest Wave”), and it had some nice features and was the same price as the Kidde device. One appealing feature was that in addition to remote notification, it had the “I’m going to alarm, is this really a problem?” mode (they call it the burned popcorn feature). Also sounded like “frying fish” mode!

So, I ordered a Nest Protect (wired) and set it up. Then cooked Cajun Mackerel, yummy! Sure enough, while cooking the 2nd filet (the stove is less than 10 feet from the detector), the Nest Protect says in a nice voice, “I’m going to alarm, and it will be loud. Do you want to silence?” I did, and it quieted down. It keeps a log of events, it tests itself, it interfaces with and alerts your phone, it can be a nightlight, and it’s very friendly. If there is more than one on your network, it tells you the location of the problem in clear language, with all broadcasting (so say the docs). OK, sure, it generates data and sends it to the mothership to make the magic happen. But if I want the conveniences of technology that’s a price I pay.

I like it so much I ordered a second one to replace the other detector in the house. I’ll follow up with more info as I get the next one online.

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