Mailbox app (iOS)

I was cleaning up my Dropbox account today, and in the process stumbled upon a new app called “Mailbox.” It’s done by Dropbox, via an acquisition of a small app developer. I signed up initially to get 1GB of free storage added to my Dropbox quota, but I’m actually quite intrigued by the app. You may why another email app (and my friend and colleague Paul Jones says “why email” but that’s a different story) but I am really intrigued with the simple way this app works and helps to quickly dispose of a great deal of email. It’s not a regular email client. It doesn’t provide you access to all your Gmail folders/tags (and currently only part of the “all mail” archive). It only works with iOS and Gmail at this time. It’s focused on helping to manage specific interactions with mail with a goal of clearing out your inbox and focusing on what needs attention. Its gestures are intuitive and highly effective. It combines a function I’ve used before with different tools (email ticklers, using Nudgemail) but does it more intuitively and in a more flexible and integrated fashion. Yes, you “give up more privacy” by allowing their servers to pre-process your mail (they claim it’s unreadable there, caveat emptor). However, if I wanted my email to be private, I’d a) encrypt it and b) not put it in email anyway 😉 .

If you are an iOS and Gmail user (and want an extra gig in your Dropbox) check it out. It might work for you…

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