Another thing I like about Chrome OS 29.0.1547.32 beta…

I really like the “immersive full screen mode” that’s been enabled by default in the newest Chrome OS beta. I’d used full screen mode before but hadn’t set the flag for immersive mode. It provides a very nice way to switch tabs while retaining the full screen. You can easily switch tabs, while making it look like the whole screen belongs to the app/tab that you’ve selected. Correspondingly, you can float the mouse over the lower part of the screen and see the status line and running apps. This is the type of UI experience that while simple really adds to the experience. If you are not on the R29 beta 29.0.1547.32, you can enable this through “Chrome://flags” and search for “immersive”

Here’s a snapshot that shows the result on this blog. The thin white bars at the top are the tabs, and they load the “browser” view when you float over them…

ChromeOS fullscreen mode snapshot

ChromeOS fullscreen mode snapshot

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