00-weight fun

I’d not visited the sunfish in Morgan Creek lately. I had a wee bit of time this late afternoon, so I picked up my 00-wt Dave Lewis-built Sage TXL, put a fly box in my pocket, my tool lanyard around my neck, and hopped onto my bike. I peddled 1/2 mile to the stream at the edge of the neighborhood and walked a few hundred yards downstream to a favorite spot. Tied on a flashback pheasant tail and caught a little sunfish on the first cast. Then, hooked this one:


This is a tiny creek, and this is a wily lunker 😉 . Caught and released several more, while working my way upstream. Landed this one in a big pool that’s trapped some snags after recent heavy rains:


It’s not high adventure but even these little guys bend the 00. Missed the best fish of the day, tho, and that’s a reason to go back. Only a bit over an hour, including biking, but its a great mental refresher!

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