Finished recategorizing the blog entries; social network musings…

Well, all 305 blog entries, dating back to 2005 are now recategorized after the infrastructure migration. I know that’s not a huge blog, but it was enough work! I have no idea how close I came to the “old” categorization 🙂 . It’s actually not a bad idea to do it manually, so that I looked at things thru the prism of new blog categories. Anyway, there are now no uncategorized entries in the blog! I’m hopeful that I’ll actually post some more here. I’ve been trying to parse the divide between what goes to Twitter, what goes to FaceBook, and what goes to the blog. The nice thing about the blog posts is that they are mine, with my own “terms of service” and I can do with them what I want. I’m currently cross-posting these entries to FaceBook, and cross-posting Tweets to FaceBook, but am not linking the blog to Twitter. I do have my Tweets displayed on this blog via a Jetpack widget. I guess the question is really what’s of transient value and what might be worth keeping. It’s been interesting reading back to my 2005 blog posts during this recategorization and figuring out what was interesting to me 8 years ago. I don’t know that I have quite the same level of attachment to my FB posts or my Tweets. I could send my blog entries to Twitter and not loop Twitter back to FaceBook. I’ve resisted sending any status updates to LinkedIn, keeping that for connections and a resume presentation. I’m thinking I’m going to do more via WordPress now that I can use the iOS apps for posting. That might mean that I want to reconfigure the direction of Twitter updates…sounds circular to me!

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