New blog infrastructure

I decided that I needed to update the platform for this blog.  It had lived under a WordPress instance that was managed by my hosting provider, and I kept it there due to simple inertia.  However, I’m going to upgrade my hosting package, and that meant I needed to address the old blog platform, as that’s an option that was being left behind.  So, I’ve migrated (mostly) the blog to an up-to-date WordPress platform that I’m managing.  I’ve still got some link and image issues that didn’t come across cleanly, and I need to clean that up.  However, I think I got all the posts, though there were some glitches with the import.  I was getting an error, but found this post that described how to take care of it.  I think I’m going to declare that this is the new production version.  Onward!

2 thoughts on “New blog infrastructure

  1. joel Post author

    So far, it looks like the “damage” in the migration is a loss of categorization…posts did not assign to their categories…I guess this is an “opportunity” to recategorize 😉

    One other thing is that some thumbnails did not get embedded in their posts. It appears that the thumbnails *are* in the upload directory, I just need to edit them back in…not sure why it seems so random.

  2. joel Post author

    One more thing…I’d used the old default permalink structure (with numbers) which got off-sequence during the migration. I’m now setting it to use posting name, but I have to go in and update my links again…however, it’s for the best, I think…


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