iPhone pedometer/running log app “Log Your Run”

i don’t run much, but I still like to get out and run a bit, particularly on summer mornings. Years ago I ran 5 and 10K races, but that was as they say, “a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away”! I saw a blurb about an app that worked for running training, a so-called “couch to 5K” app, but it was too rigid, plus it really wasn’t what I wanted. I browsed the app store and found one that looked better, and splurged the $2.99 😉 from the $25 iTunes gift card Jason and Jenny gave me for my birthday. It’s called “Log Your Run” and I’m quite impressed. I’ve used it two days to jog thru the neighborhood and along the creek, stopping to throw sticks to Lessa along the way. I’d guessed this at 2 miles, and it measured 1.99 miles each day. The app lets you upload the results to its web site (logyourrun.com) and track your walks/runs. Lots of features & flexibility. It plots your run on a map and does an elevation profile. I am very impressed with the mapping accuracy and elevation profile accuracy. I’ve compared against a topo sheet and its spot on. The combination of GPS and accelerometers seem to work very well in the iPhone 4. I just drop the phone in my shorts and take off with the dog.

Makes me want to run more! That’s worth $2.99! Will take it to the mountains for hiking this weekend and see hoe that works. So far, very nice!

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    Seems like a very good and accurate app. But is it able to count the amount of calories burned or amount of fat lost for each session?


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