10 minute fishing trip…

It’s been a lazy Saturday here, 3 lattes after a late start, followed by a trip to Walmart and Harris Teeter. We missed the severe thunderstorms that went by 10 miles north, and by 2PM I’d decided to take my 00-wt flyrod and go visit the sunfish in Morgan Creek. Checked the weather radar, and figured I had about an hour. Hopped on Jeff’s bike (my bike and Jan’s are at the beach) and rode to the creek. Rigged up, and tied on a Syl’s nymph, my favorite wet fly for panfish. Caught a nice little green sunfish on the first cast…followed by a rumble of thunder. Caught two tiny sunnies in the same pool, and then heard the rain coming through the woods. Guess my radar-reading skills are suspect! I might have tried to wait it out, but I could tell the rain was going to stick around. Hiked upstream in pouring rain to the bike, and enjoyed a wet 5 minute ride home. It reminded me, though, of how much I enjoy this small stream and little sunfish 😉 A good day!

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