First thoughts on Eye-Fi…

I signed up for the current Google/Eye-Fi promo, pay $50 for 200GB for a year across Gmail, Picasa, and Docs, and receive an Eye-Fi card. Not a bad deal. Do I really need 200GB of Google storage? Likely not, and I will probably drop back to 5 or 10GB next year at either $5 or $10 annually (but still a customer, oh clever Google!). The card is a 4GB SD that supports both pictures and video; the card seems to be functionally equivalent to the Share Video model listed for $79.99 on the website, though the label looks slightly different. I had no trouble getting it to work in my Canon A590, looks exactly like the 4GB card I took out. Amazing that they can get the WiFi functionality in there, but I’m easily amused 😉 . So far, I’ve taken just a couple dozen pictures. They appear automagically on my Mac in iPhoto. I had the first batch go to Mobile.Me but I have it configured right now to send to Picasa. I figure I might as well use the storage I’m paying for. I’ve configured it for three networks so far, my home network, the network at the beach house, and the network config that’s in use at my sister’s house and my parent’s house. We’ll see how it works from another location. It’s supposed to actually dump the pictures back on my home Mac (assuming it’s turned on) when I upload from another location, as well as the web upload. So far, so good! I’ve always wanted to try this, and it looks like it’s going to be a success.

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