Mobile devices

I’m following the developments in the iPhone/Android space with interest. I’ve got 11 months left on my Verizon contract, so it’s somewhat academic unless Verizon does offer a non-subsidized CDMA version of the Nexus One. We’ll see how that develops. Here’s a good article from the NYTimes on the iPhone v. Nexus One. In the mean time, I’ll muddle along with my Blackberry 8330. I do think, tho, that when I do get a new phone its likely to be either an iPhone (carrier switch) or Android based (on Verizon). Don’t think I’ll stay with the Blackberry. It works, but it’s just not elegant. Everything is kludgy and mostly works; there’s no sense of beauty and integration. I’m very interested to see what Apple releases at Macworld…the rumors about the putative tablet are interesting and voluminous. There’s so much interesting development in the mobile device space. If we think back only a few years, it’s fascinating how far we’ve come and how much functionality we already have. I’m quite interested in the eReader space. A key, I think, is that Amazon has the “iTunes” model for book delivery with the Kindle (and now devices running Kindle software [currently Windows, iPhone/iTouch, with Mac and Blackberry to come]). I’ve downloaded the Kindle software to a Parallels VM on my Mac and to my iPod Touch, and am half-way through my first book on the platform. I actually like the experience pretty well. The integrated bookstore model is where I think that Barnes & Nobles will be significant competition for the Kindle, more than some of the other readers. It’s partly the device, and partly the integration with the services. You have to have both for success. That’s a point in that first article I cited above on the iPhone v. Nexus One. Both devices are capable and interesting, and both have biases for their affiliated services.

How many devices will we carry, though? A smart phone? Is that enough? Do you need a media reader? Where’s my fullsize keyboard? In many respects, the best device is the one you have with you that’s connected to enough services to be useful. My pockets are full enough already 😉

Apple, bring on the “iSlate” announcement, and let’s see how that changes the playing field!

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