Google Wave…

I’ve had Google Wave mojo for about a week on my account. First, I can understand why Google is slowly rolling it out…it does have some “rough edges” when things don’t quite behave like you think they should. However, I’ve got a handful of colleagues that have it now, and we actually used a Wave for some real work last week. I’m intrigued. It’s a phenomenal concept, and I think it will generate the mind-share to change the way folks look at electronic collaboration. For a really interesting video of how it can be used, see this link from SAP. SAP is showing their Extension that allows collaborative business process modeling, and it fits perfectly with the Wave vision. I think that the key for Google Wave will indeed be the value-add of Extensions. Wave itself provides a framework for persistent linking of messages, both synchronous and asynchronous. However, it’s what you do with that which creates the value. The SAP video shows a vision of how this collaboration can play out. The ability to play back a wave helps both to refresh participants in the evolution of the conversation and to let a new “surfer” catch up on what’s been happening on the Wave to be able to participate quickly. If I had the energy, I’d go teach myself how to write Extensions, as I think that there’s some money to be made there! I’m high on Google Wave, and am looking forward to its being widely available. It’s so limited now that this really makes the interactions seem a bit artificial, and its forte is natural, inclusive collaboration.

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