Vonage mystery solved, but Mother-in-Law filter gone…

I’ve been officially on Vonage since 8/31, and working great except for one thing:

My wife calls her mother every day at 5PM…and like clockwork, it was dropping the call at 5:10PM. No problems at all with other calls. I say great, it’s a feature! A M-I-L filter! Alas, I needed to see about fixing it. It dawned on me that this was happening 24 hours apart…hmmm, sez I, sounds like a DHCP lease timeout. When I plugged the Vonage box into the AT&T Uverse 2-Wire router, I left it on DHCP and it seemed to work fine. What I didn’t realize until my number ported and we started “production” use was that it was renewing the lease during the “scheduled” call between wife and her mom. A clue yesterday, when my wife said that her mother was talking, then her voice went away for about 15 seconds, and then came back. Previously my wife had been talking during the “event” and hung up before the new lease was issued. I checked the Uverse router, and yep, a 24 hour lease. Set it to give the Vonage router its current address as a static from the pool, rather than dynamic, and all seems well. I’m pleased not to have to put the box into the Uverse router’s DMZ, as I have my Airport in the DMZ and don’t want to change that as it’s working fine. Time will tell if I’ve fixed it for sure, but it looks good!

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