Vonage, day 1…

So far, so good! Number ported first thing today. Got a email transcription of a voice mail from the Terminix guy (my dog kept him pinned in his truck, he said, and please reschedule when the dog is in the house) and I knew it was working! I’m sure she was wagging her tail while barking.

Anyway, after hearing about good Vonage experiences from many of my geek friends, I ordered it. We’d switched from Roadrunner (phone, TV, ISP) back in June to AT&T Uverse (TV, ISP) and AT&T phone. AT&T’s Uverse VoIP is now available here, but it seemed that the time was right to go to something that would be more portable (and hopefully even a touch cheaper). Install was totally plug & play, into a wired ethernet port on the Uverse 2-Wire router.

I like the “visual voice mail” feature. I’ve got a Google Voice number, and find Google’s equivalent very handy. I know I’ll get a lot of use out of this. Set the voice mail to email both Jan and I.

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