Wonderful April beach weekend…

What a fantastic April weekend! Temperatures in the 90’s in the piedmont meant 70’s at the coast. I took a couple of hours of vacation and left town early enough to beat the traffice through Raleigh. We arrived at Emerald Isle about 6:30PM in time to get oysters at Jordan’s for dinner Friday. Spent the day Saturday at Bear Island. Put the boat in at Island Harbor and ran down the ICW to the Bear Inlet cut. It’s shoaled up a lot since last October, but we still got in and out (the tide was very low when we left in early afternoon). The Carolina Skiff doesn’t draw much water. Water temps in the upper 60’s, southwest breeze about 10-15 knots, air temp in the mid 70’s. Doesn’t get much better than this! Lessa sure liked it. Heading back again Sunday morning. Gee, can I call in sick Monday?

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