Joining the Blackberry world

Well, I wanted a personal smartphone. My family cell carrier is Alltel, now Verizon, but still under the Alltel rate structure for a while longer (better than Verizon, I think). I bought Jason a Blackberry for Christmas and he really liked it. I’ve wanted an iPhone for some time, but the paucity of AT&T coverage in this area and the way it’s challenging to change cell providers conspired to keep me away from AT&T. So, no iPhone for me. I got a Blackberry 8330, the same as I’d gotten Jason. I’ve had it just a few days now, but I’m liking it better than I was afraid I would. I have a Blackberry 8830 for my work, but that’s the University’s phone, and you can’t make personal calls, etc. so I needed to keep my own phone. I was thus familiar with the Blackberry, but I like the 8330 much better…the 4.5 OS seems less flaky than the 4.2 OS on the older 8830, I like the camera (2MP with zoom & flash), and the Blackberry ecosystem has clients now for Twitter, Facebook, AIM, Gtalk, Gmail, etc. so things are good! A cheap SanDisk 4GB microSD card (<$10, including shipping) enables video. I'm a happy crackberry guy ;-).

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