Great Thanksgiving holiday…

This Thanksgiving holiday was a very nice respite. No travels, other than to Durham and Raleigh. I did drive to Asheville Tuesday to pick up Jeff from UNCA; Jason drove from Raleigh to Blacksburg on Friday night after dinner so he could be back for the VT-UVA football game. That game came out the right way, with VT winning and now going to the ACC championship. Carolina redeemed itself after the NCSU debacle by beating Duke and should be in a bowl game. I didn’t have to drive Jeff back to Asheville, as the carpool took him back this morning. Slept in until almost 8AM today; rain on the roof, the dogs and cat even seeming to be finally on holiday schedule. Three lattes with the newspapers (N&O and NYTimes). Bought a Christmas tree this afternoon — very nice Fraser Fir for only $65; seems that prices are down this year. Headed to the Carolina basketball game this evening.

Now, that ol’ alarm clock will be ringing at 5:15AM Monday. Three weeks until winter break, then two weeks off! Woohoo!

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