Vacation day…I could get used to this stuff…

Somehow, I managed to pick the nicest day of this week for a day off, even though I’d locked this in about 6 weeks ago. 80F, blue skies, light wind…classic April in the South.

Started the day with cappuccino from the new FrancisFrancis machine (took the “coffee club” deal from Illy) — the old faithful Gaggia Synchrony Compact was not so faithful any more. The FrancisFrancis is a simple machine, but it makes great coffee. Actually takes about the same amount of time as the Gaggia, even though that does the grind/tamp automatically. Then, I headed to get some more coffee ;-), meeting my long-time friend and fishing buddy Sam for coffee near his office. Then, over to Foster’s Lake and Pond to buy some hybrid sunfish (Green sunfish/Bluegill) to restock Morgan Creek where it backs to my neighborhood. Morgan Creek dried up in the drought in fall 2007. I had to restock in 2002 after the last drought. I like to flyfish for the little sunnies there, so if I didn’t want for nature to take its course, I needed to help out. Bought 150 @ $.65 ea. for the 2-4″ fish. They’ll be catchable by late summer. $100 well spent!

I’d been thinking about maybe going to fish the Haw River for the White Bass run (it’s about 20 miles from the house) but decided to stay closer to home, to go take some trash to the dump and then try the sunfish in New Hope Creek. Water temp was 61F, which is a bit cool for aggressive feeding, esp. top water, but I enticed 4 or 5 nice Green sunfish up with a small black bugger on my 00-weight rod. Put a nice bend in it.

Home at 3:30PM, sitting on the patio enjoying a cold one. Yep, I like this vacation stuff…

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