Bassclave 2007

Back from Bassclave 2007. Great job by Drew Nix (with help from the Flying ‘Clave Monkey) in organizing this, the 11th Annual Bassclave. What a good time! Spent two days doing float trips on the upper James River. A beautiful place! Did two floats…Friday from Iron Gate to the Gala gas works (11 miles), and Saturday from Saltpeter Cave to Narrow Passage (~6 miles). I floated both days with Henry “Give me the Clave Monkey” Bowser, Rob “Look at my Paddle” Tucker, and Drew. Caught plenty of bass, sunnies, redeyes, and fallfish; probably about 20 bass each day for me (and about 20 other fish each day), and similar numbers for my compadres (except Henry and the magic crayfish pattern). My best fish was probably 14″; with several 11-12″ fish along with many “standard” 8-10″ bass.

I had forgotten how vigorously the fallfish fight. They hit a popper with authority, and a big one of 14″ or so can really make you think you have a nice bass.

There were a total of 9 folks at the ‘Clave, small by past standards, but a most pleasant gathering. Mark Wendt caught “Moby Bass”, a 15-16″ inch fish. Much good scotch, quite a few beers, and cigars for some (but not for me — that’s a vice I don’t have). Here’s a shot of me (holding the ‘Clave Monkey) and Drew enjoying camp camaradie.

This was the first time I’d used my pontoon (an ODC816) in fast water. Much fun! Check out this shot of me going through the “squeeze” on the Iron Gate to Gala run.

Can’t wait until next year when the clave moves to West Virginia on the Greenbrier. See you there!

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  1. Scott Cunningham

    Joel, Nice short report! Sure wish I ould have joined the fun again this year. BASSCLAVE has always held a special spot in my heart but thanks to your blog and pics felt like I was there.

    Thanks again and when you bringing that pontoon up to the NC mountains??


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