Den computing…

So, I’m sitting here this evening streaming from my Mac Mini while typing this post across the room from the LCD TV, using a bluetooth keyboard & mouse. All in all, a very effective “den computer”. The Macs today have a great “across the room” interface with Frontrow and the remote control that ships with all new Macs. This is a part of the convergence of computing and entertainment that’s been building over the last few years. Windows Media Center, Max OSX & Frontrow…choose your favorite, but it’s a good way to be able to get ‘net-based music, LAN-based content (via iTunes for the Mac), etc. Also, a decent DVD player.

However, it’s still all way too complex and too many moving parts. As a geek, I think it’s cool, but I realize that this is a paradigm that still needs UI work before it becomes pervasive. Why are cell phones pervasive? Because they work, whatever your language or technical skillset…computing is not there. Getting closer, but not there. The digital media center of 2007 is tantalizingly close, but no cigar 😉

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