Saw an intriguing article last week, focusing on the development of a new security paradigm called “deperimeterization”. This is a term apparently coined by the Jericho Forum, and essentially describes a model where applications take a more proactive role to securing their own information and interactions, and rely less on the “wall & moat” model of today’s networks, with firewalls, DMZ’s, etc. The Jericho Forum envisions an environment where the “walls come tumbling down” and B2B, B2C, etc. interactions are done on open networks. Will it work? I sure don’t know, but the current model of security reminds me of the proverbial “Dutch Boy” with his finger in the dike, trying to hold back the network problem of the day. Read this article for an analysis, and be sure to read the Jericho Forum visioning white paper.

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